• Shepherd’s chicken fillet (stuffed chicken fillet with beef prosciutto, full-fat cheese and ajvar sauce)
  • Pork medallions in 4 types of mushrooms sauce (pork fillet, button mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, garlic, wine, sour cream, steamed vegetables)


With its modern ambiance, the Nais restaurant offers its guests traditional cuisine, but it also follows gastronomic trends, including international specialties, as well as a light contemporary cuisine that will give your palate a different but no less special and delicate delight.

The restaurant can house 250 guests at a time indoors, and it has the outdoor terrace with 200 seats with a beautiful view of the Suva Planina (the so-called Dry Mountain).

In addition to refreshing beverages and quality wines with origin, our hotel restaurant offers a range of coffees, from Serbian traditional coffee to espresso and a variety of iced coffees.

You will be met by friendly and professional service that we are particularly proud of, thanks to our dedicated associates.

A well-trained team of top culinary professionals dedicates a great deal of attention to the selection of the highest quality foods, and takes special care in order to preserve all the nutrients in the best way so that the guests may enjoy the highest quality dishes. In addition to having delicious meat, vegetables and other delicacies, here you have the opportunity to enjoy quality local and foreign beverages and savory desserts.

All nature lovers can enjoy the restaurant’s exquisite gastronomic specialties in the relaxed atmosphere of the beautifully decorated restaurant terrace with a pleasant breeze.